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How Alcohol can Change a Personality Change
If you go drinking with the same friends, they might have told you how you behave whenever you are drunk. People either become messy, sad, happy, depressed, crazy, and angry when they become drunk. However, most people might not believe that alcohol has the capability of changing the normal behaviors of someone.
Drunkards are capable of having some changes from the way they present themselves before people and the way they think about themselves in life. There are other people who might think that they lead a normal life not until their friends tell them their behaviors when they are drunk.
Alcohol might make the self-esteem of someone to be lowered in life. Most people who do not behave well while drunk, might not have a normal life when they get sober.
There are people who might not believe that alcohol has some effects on the personality of someone. The following are some of the ways that drunkards get to change in their lives.
With alcohol you become an angry person. Drunkards are always short-tempered than they are when one is not drunk. When one is under the influence of alcohol, they lack problem-solving options since their cognitive reasoning is always disrupted by the alcohol consumed. When sober, one is able to solve a problem in a better way than when drunk. Drunkards always cause a lot of problems when something happens instead of solving it in the right way like one would do when sober.
It causes more depression on someone. According to research most people who are drunkards have more sadness and depression in their lives when compared to sober people. Alcohol helps in triggering stress to the one consuming it. Because of this, most people will end up consuming more alcohol with the aim of forgetting the things they are experiencing in life. What happens is that people end up consuming more alcohol on their lives with the aim of forgetting things that they are going through in their lives but this is not true.
Irresponsible. There are many drunkards who have turned out to be irresponsible people in the society. Irresponsible is the main cause of one losing the family as well as the job. It is not possible for one who has become a drunkard to be in a position of performing their duties well like they were doing before they got involved in alcoholism. In most cases, there is no employee who would love to have you work at their place. After becoming a drunkard the best thing you can receive is becoming a drunkard.
Once you lose your job, there are higher chances you will not be in a position of supporting your family again. Once you start having issues in your family, this might result in separation that one might not expect in life.

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