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Which Meals Should You Eat For Your Pre- Run and Break Your PR?

Over the last couple of years, triathlon has become poplar and in fact in 2017 four million people had registered to participate and especially if you are getting ready to be in one, you will need to be fueled well for the race.

Does it really matter what type of food you eat before race? The answer is yes. This is because what you will eat having significant positive results on your speed, endurance and overall performance.

The importance of pre nutrition is that it gives you an insight on the type of food that you are supposed to eat and which ones to avoid, this way you are sure that you will not have cramps, digestive problems or be sluggish when you are running triathlon and if you want to perform well, start early on the type of foods which are good for pre run.

It is important to know the kind of meals to have before the meals like for example carbohydrates and proteins are perfect , this is because iof you run on an empty stomach there is a likelihood you will have stomach issues and if you eat too much your performance will derail too.

Sweet potatoes are carbohydrates ad are rich in potassium, this component has electrolytes that helps to prevent cramps and make you run with ease and for a longer period.

Oat meal is mostly a pre run staple and it is good in carbohydrates and you can mix it with different toppings like berries, protein powder and butter for extra sweetness and so that it does not become boring.

It is good to have a little bit of energy before you hit running, when you are training in the morning or afternoon a coffee boost works well and lifts your mood and you can try it and be pursed you will be telling people to check it out!

A banana just by itself might not fill you up or it might not be a meal that is complete meal, but thanks to its high level of carbohydrates content, it is a great combination to oat meal and a great for mixing with smoothie.

Because meals are supposed to fuel you properly on the run it is important that when you find the meal that works well for your pre run you stick since finding it can be a challenge by itself.

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